For those who don't know or play Team Fortress, there is a common type of server called "achievement servers" which run maps specifically designed for achievement grinding (as in playing just for gaining the special TF2 achievements). On the day of June 19th 2010 I had opened to the public a little 20 slot TF2 server with a fake achievement map I created based on the achievement_all series. In this map I had hidden a 1-minute apocalypse caused by a giant cat that shoots lasers.

When the server filled up with around 12 people, I started the apocalypse by a hidden trigger. When the cat fired the final laser, I would shut down the server to disconnect everyone. I ran the server, and the event once every day until June 23rd. On that day, I made a video with footage of the June 21st run of the map event.

PCgamer Article:Laser death cat punishes team-fortress 2 grinders

Kotaku Article: Armageddon cat will ruin your team fortress 2 achievement dreams

The Demofile of the June 21st run

Beta/Scrapped Projects

Gordon is Late TF2

Let me in barney Wat

A map made to test out lighting techniques, stitching together HL:Source maps, and porting GoldSrc models into source engine. Scientists randomly dance with animations used in my "Gordon is late" machinima. Never made it out of alpha stage; I abandoned work on it to complete achievement_all_v4 and other mods. I may return to it some day.