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GoldSrc Spraylogo Tutorial

GoldSrc Map Texture Tutorial

GoldSrc Sprite Tutorial

GoldSource Model Compile/Decompile Flowchart

Model Baked Physics Tutorial

Tips, Tricks, and personal model Gallery

Model Texturing Oldstyle Methods

GoldSrc Model Export Tutorial

GoldSource Model Compile Command Glossary

Model Troubleshooting Guide

GoldSrc MDL Repair Guide

Playermodel Mouth Procedural Animation Tutorial

Playermodel Color Remap Tutorial

Sven Co-op/XASH3D Fullbright Model Textures Tutorial

Sven Co-op Playermodel Compile-O-Matic

GoldSrc "Chrome" Guide


(I am no longer working with Source engine and these were written pre-steampipe update. These should be viewed as legacy tutorials as info may be out of date)

The Source Spraylogo Tutorial

Custom particles in maps & spritesheet VTFs

Recording voice as seprate WAV's in Source

Source Model Compile/Decompile Flowchart